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 Rules of DNRPG V.1

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PostSubject: Rules of DNRPG V.1   Tue Oct 30, 2012 6:38 pm

Welcome to Death Note RPG!

Welcome, as you may know I am the Admin of this establishment we have here. You may know that there were past members of this site yet we are trying to restart everything and get along fresh. If you are not familiar with the series known as Death Note then go to and search up "Death Note Promo". If you ARE familiar with Death note then please continue with the following 'spoiler' packet.



After you have arrived at this site, you probably have already register. Yes, we connect automatically. But that does not change forever. We WILL be changing it from time to time to avoid troll attacks or anything un-needed for. This site would be rated on a 13+ scale. That means those who are younger then 13 cannot actually oin the site unless given permission from the head administrator.


We accept affiliates but actually depends on who were accepting. Whether it's new, growing, or popular. The Admins and Heads all have to discuss the affilate in staff room. We will notify another site when we are ready to affiliate. When WE are the ones affiliating we tend to give the site were connecting with 3 days until we finally will take there button off of our modules. Though we can have a discussion in the 3 day deadlock. Are advertisement is found on another topic in it's own forum.

Warning System

The warning system is simple.

Warning 0: A moderator/admin tells you to stop, you drop it there unless it's important.

Warning 1: A moderator/admin will give you, your first warning.

Warning 2: A moderator/admin is permitted to kick you from the chatbox.

Warning 3: A moderator/admin will ban you for 1 hour.

Warning 4: A moderator/admin will ban you for 24 hours hour.

Warning 5: Permanent Ban

Staff System

It's like a list.

1 Head and 1 Co-Head

5 Administrators.

3 Global Moderators.

1 Head Moderator.

-/- Moderators.

Character Creation

Character Creation is where you will create your dream character with the template provided you by staff, it's simple and safe. To do one liners depends on your quality of RP, and it's safe to say that everyone could be a quality Roleplayer for once and shoot for something big along RP.

Face Claim

Face Claim is an actual list to this site of apperances that do not concern Death Note. Apperances can be turned into small Avatars by Gaia Maker. There will be a face claim list provided for everyone.

Alternate Accounts

Alternate Accounts are other accounts after your first one. This site will only keep THREE alternate accounts. Unless you wish to delete one of your old ones. If any changing your IP is envloved you will be perma banned for at least a year. This is a serious matter, it could cause great enrollment of trolling and other things that are greatly not needed for the sort. This rule may change throughout time.

Roleplaying Guide

Character A: *See's Suspicious Notebook* Your Kira!
Character B: No I'm not!
Character A: Then guess what...I AM L!
Character B: *GASP!*

No... Just popping out and saying someone his Kira with NO EVIDENCE at all is just no. Even though Kira would be the antagonist or protagonist it still matters of RP devolpment. L will have to count all the evidence and put it together to actually find kira. Yet without all the evidence you can't put back the puzzle now can you? No one knows of the 'Death Note' yet, due to the plot. So there would be nothing about suspecting someone as Kira. The term 'God of Death' is not relevant either. No one knows of Shinigami or the world of Shinigami. It has never been recorded or noted down. All the data of L was deleted...In the anime/manga people die easily. Though if you keep looking around then you will find out that there isn't just OHK(One Hit Kill).


As the rules have said before it's way to easy to actualy kill people, though there are certain qualities with the status board which actually helps with everything. Gun's and such are illegal in japan what so ever, the Death Note is actually nerfed in this site. No point in aruging. Kira is not all 'powerful', besides no one would want to metagame right?

Character A: KIRA! I've been waiting for you!
Character B: Grr! *Begins to write in his death note*
Character A: *cocks gun and fires*
Character B: A-ah! *Finished writing the name and falls to the ground bleeding*
Character A: *cocks gun again and blazes kira with bullets*
Character B: *Hit with 5 bullets in the stomach*
Charatcer A: *Suffers heart attack and dies*
Character B: *Dies of Blood loss*

This is what would happen if you face kira with a gun, unless your doing a different type of structure. Kira's main goal is to restore justice and defeat those who stand in his way. L's main goal is to restore justice and defeat kira in his own special way. Doesn't sound that hard does it? If you want more detail on Kira or L follow the CTRL+F code.


Everyone will die in this site or probably die in this site in a time. Either if someone kills them or they will die.


Owner's of the 'Death Note' which user's pick up from OTHER shinigami users. (NO NPC) Kira needs to be intelligent and slick if he wants to defeat those ahead of him. Kira is likely to team up with the other Kira's but there's no rule against killing your teammate.'

The death note kills people in 40 seconds.
Once writing someone's name down, any other topic that person is located in will die in 2 posts.
If that person is located in the same thread as "Kira" then he/she has 1 post until they die.
And that post after Kira is done writing down there name will be where they die.

Character A: SURRENDER! *holds up gun*
Character B: *Drops deathnote*
Character A: *picks it up and exits topic*

Character A has now have to have a theft topic where they will have the death note, if Character B manages to get it back and TOUCH IT then ownership will stay with him. After the first 2 pages of the topic then ownership will be given to Character A. No expectations, Character B will lose all his memory of the death note and the shinigami.


L, a term given to the most intelligent detective on this site. The Wammy Boy institute is the ones who GIVE the role of a certain Wammy Boy, "L". L's main goal is to restore justice and find kira in his own way. Though he will NOT start of knowing of kira. Until Kira picks up he/she's activities then he will be able to find out.

L is mostly fond with the police force and the warden. They are likely to get in touch easily and dedicate executions at platforms. L also controls the Japan Task Force. L has a lot under his hands, though it's hard around sometimes, if his members ditch him in the middle of his act. L is also soppose to send his logs to the Wammy Boy Mentor(Principal).

Character A: I am L!
Character B: Who?
Character A: The famous man after kira!
Character B: Oh, you don't say...Could I get a autograph in my diary?

See, no one knows of L in this timeline. Just a warning so L doesn't get to cocky. Like stated only the Wammy Boy mentor knows of L.

Once L dies, the Wammy Boy Institute will be notified of it after two to three weeks of un-notice. The Wammy Boy Institute would then have to decide for another L in replacement. There will be no 'Successors', the smartest and most intelligent would have to take place of L.

After your done reading the rules then put this at the end of your Application.
*'Mu is forever darkness and the last place where I will visit*
Thank you for reading.
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Rules of DNRPG V.1
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