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PostSubject: Shinigami Guildline   Thu Dec 20, 2012 8:27 pm

Naturally, I am going to put this separate from other rules. From what' I've experinced, Shinigami can be the most trouble in this RPG Forum. That is why we are narrowing Shinigami down to only 2 existing in the human world, that means only 2 people can make a shinigami character. But first they must drop there books through the portal to the Human Realm.

Starting as a Shinigami

  • Shinigami Realm
    Not the best place for anyone to survive but there life source is naturally on Apples. The apples grow from dead trees which seem to be on the verge of becoming extinct. The shinigami apple is a gray like apple which seems to lacking life it's self. Mostly dried out and tastes like a old soggy plum to humans, but to shinigami it's a normal snack. When you start out as a Shinigami you don't generally just appear in the human world but you start out in the Shinigami Realm.

  • From One World to Another
    I know that every Shinigami is dying to leave there Realm but like I said before there can be only 2 Role Players that can go. When leaving the Shinigami Realm you need a total WC of 1000 words describing why you felt like leaving and how you got your death note and what you did first in the shinigami Realm. That is all.

  • Death
    Shinigami are known to be internal Death Gods who cannot die from mortal methods. But there is one way to kill a shinigami, by them simply saving a human from there lifespan. In other words meaning that if Kira is close to killing Second Kira a shinigami writes Kira's name down, Kira and the shinigami both die. It's a way in interrupting reality while killing yourself, and when a Shinigami dies they fade into dust and are able to say only one word before they are unable to say anything else. All items on the shinigami will be on or inside the pack of dust.

  • Shinigami Eyes
    A Specific Eye Deal which grants the user the ability to see another ones name and lifespan, since RP Time Lines are flawed whoever takes the eye deal will only have up to 10 more topics to be apart of. This will have to be noted down in there Character Status to help understand. In there 'Topic Logs' before another topic is made there must be a border which is called "Shinigami Eye Deal Taken". If this is not stated, it will lead to Warning and then Void Eye Deal.
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Shinigami Guildline
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